Industrial Chemicals
    inorganic chemicals
    sulfate products
    sodium products
    ammonia products
    phosphoric acid and compound
    sulfur and compound
    metal and them compound
    (Al,Zn,Fe,Cr,Cu,Ni,Sn, precious metal) and more
    organic chemicals
    an aromatic compound
    tar products
    fatty products
    chlorine products
    HCFC products
    hydro carbon products
    bromine products
    fluorine solvents

    Electronics chemicals
    for Printed Circuit Board
    electro plating /
    electroless plating for through hole
    resist ink
    photo resist ink
    for Electronics parts
    chemicals for PCB, LD, compact disc,
    Hybrid and IC
    chemicals for Semi-conductor
    Electronics grade chemicals and metal
    high purity chemicals
    high purity metals
    high conduction carbon black
    rare metals
    new material of electronics field
    optoelectronics mateial
    copper oxide
    insoluble anode
    Surface finishing chemicals
    preparatory chemicals
    cleaner products
    electro cleaner products
    chemical polishing products
    electro polishing products
    dye coating products
    stripping products
    preparatory for new materials
    anti-tarnishing products
    chemicals for electro plating
    brightener and additive
    plating solution
    precious metal plating chemicals
    plating solutions for plastics
    plating solutions for ceramics
    chemicals for electroless plating
    electroless Nickel
    electroless Tin
    electroless Copper
    electroless Gold
    electroless Silver
    metal anode
    Cu, Ni, Zn, Sn, Sn-Bi, Ag, Pt
    other insoluble anoder
    Other chemical products
    interfacial active agent
    anionic, cationic
    amphoteric, nonionic
    macromolecule material
    plastics, synthetic rubber
    an adhesive agent
    urea resin
    melanin resin
    phenol resin
    epoxy resin
    macromolecule material
    plastics, synthetic rubber
    pollutoin treatment chemicals
    sodium hypochlorite solution
    Iron chloride solution
    sodium hydrogen sulfite solution
    polymer coagulant
    ceramics material




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